Shaver Wood Forest A-Frame Cabin
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Nestled in the heart of Shaver Lake, California, just 50 miles east of Fresno in the Central Valley, the Shaver Wood Forest Cabin is your ideal destination in the stunning Sierra National Forest. At an elevation of 5,370 feet, guests can relish the pristine mountain air. During summer, the region boasts mild temperatures, making it perfect for wakeboarding, downhill biking, fishing, and more. Winter ushers in prime skiing conditions, especially at the renowned China Peak Ski Resort.

Shaver Wood Forest Cabin is a gateway to a plethora of recreational activities that Shaver Lake has to offer. In the warmth of summer, indulge in activities ranging from fishing, boating, jet skiing, to hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding. The colder months are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Shaver Lake itself spans nearly 2,100 surface acres, flanked by a 15-mile granite-covered shoreline. Not only that, but we also serve as an entrance to six prominent mountain lakes, including Huntington, Florence, Wishon, Courtright, Edison, and our crown jewel, Shaver Lake. Whether you're planning a wedding, an adventurous outing, or seeking the best off-road vehicle trails, Shaver Wood Forest Cabin is your premier choice in Shaver Lake, CA.

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